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XM 177

Full size 1:1 scale spring airsoft gun

On Frame Safety

Includes magazine and  sample bb's

Product Features

- Spring Airsoft Replica Pellet Rifle
- 305 fps (0.12 g BB) / 130-160 feet
- Sling Included
- Hop Up
- Capacity: 20 Rounds
- Made in Taiwan

Good ideas usually get better over time and the M-16 series of weaponry is a prime example of this belief. Serving as a main infantry and Special Forces weapon of the United States as well as over two dozen western countries for almost three decades, the basic M-16 weapons system has undergone multiple experiments and improvements to be the best amongst others in the classification of small-caliber rifles, the M-16A2. The improved M-16 has become the control weapon that other weapon systems have been tested and compared against. This comparison continues with the advent of the Airsoft hobby in turn, producing their finest version of the full-sized m-16A2. This is a spring gun and the slide must be cocked for each shot. It requires no gas or batteries to operate. Due to this feature, the costs of spring guns are significantly lower, as well as maintenance. They are the most durable of all Airsoft guns because they have less pieces that can break. Spring guns are very reliable, affordable and handsome guns.

The Colt Commando (also referred to as the CAR-15 or the XM177) is a general name for the wide variety of shorteneed and modified AR-15/M16 firearms developed primarily in the late 20th century. They are a family of gas operated, locking bolt 5.56 x 45mm carbines, and were developed and produced by Colt manufatcuring, mainly for U.S. Special Forces starting in the 1960's. The moniker "Commando" has been used to describe Colt's ultra-short carbine variants, as well as "pre-A2 configuration" or "pre-M4" in general.The first weapon in this ultra-short categort began production in 19966/7 for Special Operations units during the Vietnam War. By the end of the conflict, it had been used by various members of elite units and had been given a slew of official and semi-official designations, in addition to the informal names it received in the field. The CAR-15/Commando/XM177 family has one of the most complicated array of variants and names among any of the US Service firearms .